What is the 3 Way Match Process in Accounts Payable?

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3 way match

For information about setting specific criteria, see Disabling Exception Criteria. Sentiment in the US housing market deteriorated further last month as borrowing costs continued to rise, according to Fannie Mae. We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here. Create procedures for recording and tracking the receipt of goods or services. In addition, some industries, such as healthcare and government contracting, may be required by law or regulation to use the three-way matching system. Indeed, it creates a strong audit trail that can be easily traced in the future and can be helpful when a business needs to provide evidence of compliance with regulations or internal policies.

If your three-way matching process in accounts payable isn’t 100% automated, it can happen that figures that get entered into one of the documents may differ just a bit with other documents. And if you insist your figures must be identical every single time, this might hold up supplier Bookkeeping for Nonprofits: Do nonprofits need accountants payments and invoice settlements. The essence of three-way matching is to eliminate fraud, and to ensure all incoming invoices are properly vetted before making payments on them. 2-way matching is the process of cross-checking invoices that businesses usually practice.

Way Match: Let’s Do the Math

Potential delays can be caused by the approval process and by invoice discrepancies. Discrepancies between what was received and what is being billed for cause delays because someone must take the time to investigate the items in question. Whatever the process is for receiving goods, it’s imperative that when a package is received, the contents are checked against what’s printed on the packing slip.

  • If an accounts payable employee encounters a one-off matching error, they will need to investigate the problem to solve it.
  • It includes the item description, quantity, price, delivery date, and additional charges.
  • Recurring payments can be verified at setup, leaving zero room for fraud.
  • Pricing and quantity discrepancies are easily detected because negotiated pricing was entered by Purchasing and quantities received were confirmed electronically by Receiving.

When this happens, the buyer will typically reach out to the vendor for clarification to make sure they’re paying the right amount and received the goods or services they ordered. Order.co gives you one platform for purchasing, vendor management, and automating your AP processes to save you the time and expense of manual data entry and human error. The co-working unicorn WeWork faced significant challenges in streamlining ordering and payments across their 800 global office locations. By implementing an integrated ordering and payment system, the company increased visibility into its AP processes and eliminated maverick spending. Replacing their manual 3-way matching with an automated process allowed them to process millions of invoices with ease.

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Three-way matching helps protect business from unnecessary expenses which, in the long run, adds to your bottom line. It’s always easier turning a profit when you’re not losing money to fraudulent claims. Whenever an individual or department requires anything for their work, they forward a request detailing what they need, the quantity, and why they need it. These automated systems are so expensive that they are not a viable solution for smaller businesses. It’s important to prevent overpayments, underpayments, and potential fraud.

It also helps to ensure that all the required steps are taken and that the correct goods are delivered, the right quantity is received, and the right price is paid. It helps reduce the time and effort required to manage the supply chain and makes tracking and monitoring the flow of goods easier. Stakeholders in three-way matching are those individuals or entities interested in the three-way matching process.

How does three-way invoice matching benefit your business?

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3 way match

Once the buyer receives the purchase, it is compared to the invoice and the PO to make sure that they align. The buyer can then confirm that the purchase was accurately received with the goods received note (GRN). Avoid mess – With https://quickbooks-payroll.org/non-profit-accounting-definition-and-financial/ing you can keep purchasing documents aligned and organized for records or audit purposes, and prevent documents from falling through the cracks.

The Best Way to Make 3-Way Matching Efficient

The goods receipt is also matched to ensure the goods specified in the purchase order and invoice were delivered. Once delivered, the recipient views the package of information which includes an invoice image, a copy of the PO, the goods receipt information, and a description of the error. This package of information is presented in a single dashboard on the recipient’s laptop or mobile device. Businesses that have switched from a manual procurement process with paper invoices to a completely automated system have seen some unbelievable results.

From there, the order is then verified, via the invoice, to ensure that the product received matches what the buyer is charged. To be successfully verified, the invoices must satisfy matching tolerances. If they don’t, a hold is placed on the invoice and payments cannot be rendered until the hold is released or resolved. A held invoice operates as a sort of fail-safe that prevents the payment of an unmatched and unverified order.

How to automate 3 way matching AP workflows

Thus automation can help save costs while establishing a stable supply chain. Automated 3 way matching software operate on preset rules/workflows based on tolerance levels and approvals. They quickly flag errors and potential cases of fraud so that AP teams can take immediate action. Having a set procedure in place for each step in the matching process can eliminate the need for manual review, saving time and reducing errors.

  • It’s an important tool for ensuring accurate and efficient payment processing in the accounts payable (AP) function.
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  • The General Ledger account codes are entered with the line items on the invoice so that the organization can manage budgets and see where money is being spent.
  • This is useful for tracking payments to a particular supplier as well as for litigation, should that come up.
  • Businesses that have switched from a manual procurement process with paper invoices to a completely automated system have seen some unbelievable results.

This method verifies that the items ordered have been received and that the quantities and prices match the purchase order and invoice. It’s typically used for more complex purchases, such as expensive equipment or custom-made products. On the other hand, 3-way matching involves an additional step of matching the goods received note (GRN) to the purchase order and supplier’s invoice. With the three-way matching system in place, companies can confidently issue accurate payments and maintain positive relationships with vendors.



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