How to trigger a jenkins pipeline from a bitbucket repository

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Run automatic security scans with out-of-the-box integration with Snyk, or connect to other providers. Simply open an existing repository or create a new one and navigate to the Security tab to install the Snyk integration. Reduce context-switching by managing your Jira issues in Bitbucket with the built-in Jira UI.

jenkins bitbucket

Whenever a code is changed in BitBucket Repo, Jenkins automatically will create a new build process. Not focusing on the build process in Jenkins and deploying to a remote server using Jenkins. We have also released a demo on Youtube to quickly guide you through the process of setting up the plugin and creating a Jenkins pipeline. I cant think of a better team to build the integration than the team that actually owns the application being integrated. And besides not all teams or environments have or care to divert the resources to «just contribute to this»  I for one need a solid working solution for this. And while I explored the tool you mention it was not working in my environment, the problem I was having got a lot of «shrugs» and I dont have time to dig into it.

No-code Data Pipeline for Your Data Warehouse

Also, from beta 1, you don’t have to manually add webhooks to bitbucket server. The plugin does that for you provided the «Bitbucket Server trigger build after push» checkbox is enabled. Please enable «Bitbucket Server trigger build after push» checkbox. The other setting «Build when changes are pushed to Bitbucket» belongs to a different plugin. This setting is necessary for the webhook callback to trigger the build on this project.

jenkins bitbucket

Looks like a very good possibility to work with the CI/CD capablities of Jenkins (pipeline as code). As a workaround, can you try adding ‘Excluded Users’ from ‘Additional Behaviours’ without any other changes to your config? Less overhead in the current setup, a plugin in Bitbucket and Jenkins. I’m asking Atlassian developers here to understand their decision.

Bitbucket Server Integration

Bitbucket Cloud is compliant with SOC2/3, ISO, and GDPR. 2FA and IP allowlisting keep your code accessible only by authorized users. Comprehensive code review features to help you find and fix bugs before you deploy. Review large diffs with ease, view third-party code reports, and open Jira tickets right from the PR screen. My workaround was just to create a freestyle project that can be triggered by the WebHook, and have the the Pipeline triggered by that project’s completion. I’ve also tried not using the credentials manager and manually installing the keys in /var/log/jenkins/.ssh/, but to no avail.

GitLab vs. Jenkins vs. CircleCI Spiceworks – Spiceworks News and Insights

GitLab vs. Jenkins vs. CircleCI Spiceworks.

Posted: Tue, 25 Apr 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It acts as a central hub that is used to manage all Git Repositories, Collaborate on Source Code, and Guide everyone through the Software Development Cycle. It is a part of the Atlassian family, with tools like Confluence, Jira, and others to help technical teams reach their full potential. BitBucket can be deployed in three different ways which are BitBucket Cloud, BitBucket Data Center, and BitBucket Server.


DevOps plays a very important role in application development. In DevOps, we will use Git as a version control system. The new Bitbucket Server integration for Jenkins plugin, which is built and supported by Atlassian, is the easiest way to link Jenkins with Bitbucket Server. It streamlines the entire set-up process, from bitbucket jenkins integration creating a webhook to trigger builds in Jenkins, to posting build statuses back to Bitbucket Server. It also supports smart mirroring and lets Jenkins clone from mirrors to free up valuable resources on your primary server. I had this problem and it turned out the issue was that I had named my repository with CamelCase.

If you have feedback feel free to leave a comment on this Atlassian Community blog post. You can also raise any issues on using the component atlassian-bitbucket-server-integration-plugin. In our current environment Jenkins gets a push request to preform some actions and starts a job.

Override Repository URL

For this to work the tokens you add must have project admin permissions. It adds a Bitbucket Server Source Code Manager (SCM) to Jenkins, making it easy to set up a connection to a Bitbucket Server repository when setting up a Jenkins job. It also adds a build trigger to Jenkins that automatically creates a webhook against Bitbucket Server that triggers the Jenkins job on relevant pushes. But I am wondering why the checkout command in the Jekinsfile has to be so complicated and repeat all the information and credentials that are already configured in the job? We are currently using bitbucket-branch-source-plugin and the checkout command is just «checkout scm», where scm is injected and filled with the data from the build configuration. Jenkins is an Open-Source Automation Tool written in Java that includes plugins for Continuous Integration.

jenkins bitbucket

Looks really nice to use and the registered webhook shows useful information. Push code to my repo but nothing happens on the jenkins side. I believe I have all the bits and pieces for the server connectivity configured fine as a connection test works fine.

Build a DevOps toolchain that works for you

Organizations can use Jenkins to automate and speed up the software development process. Then click the Create repository button to create a repo. To find out how to install and configure this integration, and how to create your first pipeline, watch this video.

jenkins bitbucket

Create New Job in Jenkins and connect BitBucket Repo using the BitBucket credentials. Below example is for Pull-request updated (that shall be approved) on BitBucket Cloud, for a FreeStyle job. All the above examples can be adapted with the same paradigm.

Select a Bitbucket Server instance when creating a Freestyle Job

Bitbucket plugin is designed to offer integration between Bitbucket and Jenkins.

  • Below example is for Pull-request updated (that shall be approved) on BitBucket Cloud, for a FreeStyle job.
  • I believe I have all the bits and pieces for the server connectivity configured fine as a connection test works fine.
  • Integrated CI/CD enables you to create a link between Bitbucket Data Center and Jenkins, unlocking a range of benefits.
  • Please enable «Bitbucket Server trigger build after push» checkbox.
  • Bitbucket integrates with first- and third-party tools to reduce context-switching and improve code quality.



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